Creating Stunning Smiles

download (6)A person’s smile is often the focus of their face. A beautiful smile provides confidence and makes one feel good overall. When your smile isn’t what you want, due to stained, chipped, or crooked teeth, Boston financial district dentist┬ámay be the answer.

When you think of cosmetic dentistry, whiter teeth is usually the first thing that comes to mind. Professional teeth whitening can remove years of stains from coffee, tea, wine, smoking, medications, or poor dental hygiene. The bleaching techniques are advanced and safe, leaving you with a much whiter smile.

Cosmetic dentistry involves more than just white teeth these days. It also involves repairing chipped or cracked teeth, reshaping teeth, closing gaps in between teeth, smoothing edges, and changing tooth size.

Repairing teeth or reshaping them to even out the look of the mouth can be done using a variety of methods. Procedures will vary depending on exactly what is being done. Sometimes xrays are helpful in helping to determine what the best course of action is. Procedures may be just a single visit or require multiple visits to achieve the desired look.

The dentist can grind and buff teeth to smooth out edges and re-shape, and they may use porcelain veneers. Veneers cover fronts or sides of teeth to change the appearance, but can also add strength to a weakened tooth. Veneers will typically require more than one visit, as each one is custom made to the tooth using a mold.

Some tooth repairs use a┬áprocedure called bonding. First, teeth are etched then a bonding solution (tooth colored resin material) is used to reshape teeth. Thin layers of the bonding material can create dramatic differences in a tooth’s appearance and function. This can be useful in reducing large gaps in between teeth as well.images (38)

Cosmetic dentistry not only boosts self confidence and makes one feel better about their smile, but it can be beneficial to their health as well. If teeth are overlapping, misaligned, cracked or chipped, it can affect the way a person chews. It can cause pain or discomfort as well. Over time, even minor issues can cause uneven wear on teeth, cavities, or troubles with the gum line. Fixing these issues can relive all of this and even correct a bad bite.

Today, dentists use tooth-colored fillings, which can be classified as cosmetic. These tooth-colored fillings make it very difficult for anyone to tell there are fillings in teeth. So, when a person opens their mouth, you see white instead of silver-black colored fillings.
Cosmetic dentistry is most often performed to enhance one’s smile, but may also provide benefits to tooth integrity and overall mouth health.

The Importance of Cosmetic Dentistry

images (39)Social experts say that upon meeting a new person, usually a first date scenario, each person will look at the same three things first; the eyes, the presentation/appearance, and the smile. It’s not really a secret that a lot of first dates don’t make it to another one because someone didn’t brush their teeth. Oral hygiene is considered to be the biggest deal breaker when finding a date. Fortunately, there are places and multiple resources that not only help with your smile, but they have the ability to give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

Cosmetic Dentistry has a weird ring to it. Many assume that it’s like plastic surgery-a little goes a long way and some people take it too far. But that’s not necessarily the case here. Cosmetic dentistry has a wide range of things involved, from bleaching, to crowning and everything in between. All procedures offered are not only explained in great detail before you go through with them, but they’re only their for your benefit.

The idea of putting bleach on your teeth puts a lot of people off, simply because it’s a chemical, but that’s what cosmetic dentistry offers fully-more than one way to whiten your smile. A lot of places give the option to use bonding or veneers as well as bleaching. Bonding is a short process of putting tooth-colored component over the tooth. It lasts for several years and is more resistant to chipping and staining, changing and brightening your smile easily. It’s suggested that if there’s slight decaying in a tooth or even just a cavity that this is a better option than a regular filling. Veneers are a sort of plastic or even porcelain covering that helps with color change. It’s placed over the front of the teeth to teeth that are chipped, oddly shaped, or just discolored. They take care of the same problems as bonding, but are also an alternative and less expensive alternative to crowning. The only difference between the plastic and porcelain veneers is that the porcelain requires more than just one office visit, but both need almost no anesthetic.

Cosmetic dentistry can also be as simple as just filing a small chip in a tooth or even just cleaning it. People go to salons to get their hair washed and styled, why not do the same for your smile? A healthy and bright smile is something that a lot of people strive to have and most take the necessary measures to get it; braces, spacers, retainers, the list is endless. But now, there’s simple treatments that can give you the smile you want in as little as one visit to the office.